JOYinCARE is all about contributing to a healthy, sustainable and affordable healthcare. Our mission is tackling physical strain at its roots. Our patient lifts are equipped with electric driving support (touch&move) which makes patient handling lighter, easier and enJOYable!

We perform our work with a mission in mind – “JOYinCARE, for sustainable care"

About us

Our product range includes various lifting and transfer aids that in many cases we have developed ourselves. These include patient lifts, patient slings, transfer aids and dynamic lying supports. Unique among these are the patient lifts with driving support, with respect to which we already have over ten years of experience. Now that touch&move has earned its spurs on the Dutch market, it is time to introduce this innovation to other countries too. We would like to get in touch with you so that you too can experience the added value.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d like to hear from you.

We are JOYinCARE.

Edward Meijs Account manager
Anita Strijdveen Account manager
Sandra van Drogenbroek Account manager
Peter Friederichs Product advisor
Anneke Daalderop Advisor
Corné de Heij Commercial director
Robert van Leeuwen Operational director
Loes Schilderink Product manager
Manou Vossen Product advisor
Claudia Havenaar Marketing & communications
Bob Hudepohl Service employee
Ronald de Ruiter Head of technical service
Ellen Otten Financial administrive employee
Wilco Mulder Service employee
William van den Hul Service employee
Nellie Bonhof Service employee
Arko Mossel Business manager Conflexion
Michiel Vierhout Service employee
Eva de Koning Service employee