The SMOVE is an active hoist (standing hoist), providing the patient with comfortable support to get them from a seated to an upright position. Encouraging their own capabilities and the standing function are important aspects. The standing position facilitates care that is needed, for example, when the patient has to go to the toilet or whose incontinence material requires changing. The SMOVE has electrically adjustable legs that can be spread apart and a height-adjustable lifting arm. The touch&move driving support makes working with the hoist even more effortless, easier and less stressful. This is a smart solution for tackling physical stresses and strains, reducing the risk of physical complaints.

The active hoist is suitable for patients who are unable to stand up independently but who nevertheless have some trunk balance. They should also be able to support themselves on their own legs, have a good shoulder function and be able to follow instructions from the caregiver. The SMOVE can be used together with an active sling, such as a back support sling or corset sling.


  • touch&move driving support
  • New: proper usage indication
  • Pleasant and comfortable lifting speed
  • Flexible knee pads in a natural position
  • Extended footboard, low down
  • Safe working load: 200 kg
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Product variations

Article number5901013103
Weighing unit No
Lifting arm Clip attachment

Article number5901013183
Weighing unit No
Lifting arm Loop attachment

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